I can’t light my gas barbecue/plancha

Gas is coming in Check that the piezoelectric igniters produce a spark If there is a spark, the problem may be in the gas cylinder. Check again that your bottle is full and that the gas is coming in. Remove the burner that does not light and exchange it with one that does. If the […]

The flames on my barbecue/plancha are yellow

The flames of a gas barbecue/grill should be blue in normal operation. If the flames are yellow, there is a problem with the regulator. Fortunately, this is quite easy to check and repair: Turn off the burners. Turn off the gas cylinder, then disconnect the regulator from the cylinder. You can reconnect the regulator to the […]

How do I clean the burners?

Remove the burner protectors and the burners. If your protectors are too damaged, you can recommend them on our website. To degrease them effectively we advise you to use our special degreaser or to immerse the elements in hot soapy water. Then for the burners, clean the inside with compressed air to remove all the […]

Why is there a hole in the side stove burner ? Is this normal ?

When mounting the side stove on a gas barbecue, you may notice that there is an apparent hole between the burner and the gas valve. This hole is necessary for the appliance to work properly because the gas needs air to give a flame. It is the mixture of gas and air that gives the […]

How to use the rapid ignition system ?

The quick lighting system is a chimney built into the barbecue that allows you to make embers in about 10 minutes by heating from under the barbecue. Here are the steps to follow to use this system: 1/ Put charcoal in the tank of your barbecue 2/ Remove the drawer or ash catcher (depending on […]

How do I clean my ash collector?

How do I clean the fire basket? After removing and disposing of the ashes, use a soft cloth with a non-abrasive detergent such as washing-up liquid to clean the basket. Then dry the basket with a dry cloth. Cleaning frequency In order to keep your product as long as possible, we recommend cleaning it after […]

How does the thermostat on my plancha work?

When you turn on your electric griddle, you choose a power level from 1 to 5. The role of the thermostat is to maintain the griddle at the right temperature. For example, if you have chosen power 4, the griddle will heat up to the corresponding temperature. At this point, the thermostat turns off the […]

How do I clean my plancha ?

It is strongly recommended to clean your plancha after each use. A good maintenance of your plancha, ensures a good longevity over time. Make sure that your griddle is turned off but that it remains hot enough without being hot. Pour warm water over the surface and use a wooden spatula or other suitable utensil. […]