I can’t light my gas barbecue/plancha

Gas is coming in

  • Check that the piezoelectric igniters produce a spark
    • If there is a spark, the problem may be in the gas cylinder. Check again that your bottle is full and that the gas is coming in.
      • Remove the burner that does not light and exchange it with one that does.
      • If the “replacement” burner does not light, the problem is in the injector. It should be cleaned with compressed air to remove the impurities that block the gas inlet hole.
      • If the “replacement” burner lights, then it is the burner that needs to be cleaned with compressed air.
    • If there is no spark, please open a service request if your product meets the conditions.

The gas does not arrive

  • Check that the gas bottle is full enough
  • Check that the regulator is properly vented by pressing the green button or the button under the fitting (depending on the model)

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