Is your product under warranty?


I check that my problem is not in the FAQ

Before going any further, check that your problem is not already covered in our FAQs.


I check the information on my invoice

To continue I need to have my invoice.
My invoice must contain the following elements:
– Cook’in Garden logo
– Date of purchase less than 2 years ago


I can apply to be covered

Other cases

Product bought in shop

If your product was purchased in a shop and you are experiencing problems with it.

Please contact the shop of origin in order to initiate a service call

Product purchased over 2 years ago

Unfortunately, if your product is more than 2 years old, it is no longer under the manufacturer’s warranty. 

However, we can provide you with spare parts to repair your equipment.

Please check:
- The presence of the Cook'in Garden logo
- The date of the invoice
- Your product reference

List of shops covered by the warranty :